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Areas of Practice

04. Catastrophic Injury

Claims involving traumatic brain, birth, or spinal cord injuries

Patients who have suffered a catastrophic injury often require lifelong nursing care, medical evaluations, and therapies. Life care plans developed by vocational rehabilitation experts which project future care needs often total in the tens of millions. However, much of the projected future care outlined in plaintiff life care plans is exaggerated, inflated, or not medically necessary at all. SLG lawyers go the extra mile to dissect opposing life care plans item by item to find the fake charges and errors which often translate to millions in misrepresented alleged "future damages." When settlements are appropriate in these types of cases, SLG lawyers often employ the assistance of actuaries and other experts who specialize in future care annuities or Medicare future care set-asides to ensure that the settlement proceeds are preserved for the necessary future care.

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