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Areas of Practice

01. Medical Malpractice

Medical negligence claims

Unfortunately, many patients fail to fully appreciate the inherent risks of medical surgeries and treatments; especially where the patient is at high risk for complications due to underlying pre-existing medical comorbidities. However, the occurrence of a medically adverse outcome does not equate to medical negligence. Making a claim of malpractice against a licensed healthcare provider requires the plaintiff to establish a breach of the applicable standard of care which caused an injury to the patient. SLG attorneys are skilled at selecting highly qualified, respected, experienced, and persuasive expert witnesses in the appropriate area of specialty to render expert testimony that the defendants acted reasonably and prudent under the unique respective circumstances. SLG dives deep into the medical science to determine the true medical cause of the alleged injury in each case, and then presents that  objective medical evidence in a manner that lay jurors can understand. 

A Proven Track Record of Success in the Courtroom

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