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02. Wrongful Death

Allegations that the defendant caused or contributed to death

Defending wrongful death claims can be tricky. First, the cause of death listed on the death certificate issued by the state medical examiner can be incorrect, or miss relevant contributing factors. SLG has experienced forensic pathology experts who can determine what the true mechanism of death actually was, which can often change the trajectory of a wrongful death case. Second, SLG attorneys are skilled at finding and presenting medical evidence that the decedent had a diminished life expectancy, due to unrelated pre-existing conditions. Finally, because the claims arise out of the death of a loved one, the emotions of surviving family members run high; especially if those family members harbor guilt over having made life-changing medical decisions on behalf of a family member who was incapacitated. SLG attorneys know how to examine surviving statutory beneficiary witnesses in a way that is delicate but effective and does not offend the jury.

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